Floating Ads

Floating ads, or overlay ads, are rich media types that enable advertisers to serve ads that appear uninitiated, superimposed over a user-requested page, and then disappear or become unobtrusive after a specific time period (typically 5-30 seconds).

Benefits of Floating Ads

  • Floating ads have proven to increase brand exposure through the delivery of visually engaging, high impact content that 'floats' above your publishers' web pages. The prevalence of the floating ad in recent years is attributed largely to the high impact it delivers.
  • Publisher is given full control over positioning and layering attributes. By specifying screen coordinates and z-index as parameter values passed to the Mediaplex ad tag, the publisher can effectively optimize the delivery of the ad so it refrains from obscuring or interfering with their site’s core content and other layer elements.
  • Publisher may control the timeout of the floating ad to comply with their own specifications.